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ক্রমিক শিরোনাম প্রকাশের তারিখ ডাউনলোড
Local e-Tender for supply of 535 Pair Shoes(Leather), 131 Pair Sandals/Pump shoes(Leather) and 1,332 Pair Socks. ২০২০-০১-২২
Local e-Tender for supply of 218 reams White paper 1,045 reams White Offset paper and 4,725 Packets Blue Board. ২০২০-০১-২২
Local e-Tender for supply of 4,265.25 yards Uniform Cloth. ২০১৯-১২-২৯
Local e-Tender for supply of 200 reams White Offset Paper. ২০১৯-১২-২৯
Minutes of pre-bid meeting regarding International e-tender no. 49/2018-2019 for supply, installation, testing & commissioning of a Sheet Fed Rotary Numbering Machine. ২০১৯-০৬-১৩
Rotary numering pre bid.pdf
Procedure for enlistment with the SPCBL for supplying Security Paper, Security Ink for printing Banknote, Currencynote, Prize Bond and other Security Products ২০১৯-০১-৩১
Enlistment procedure.pdf
Amendment of e-tender no. 19/2016-17 for Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 01 (one) no. Sheet Fed Numbering Machine. ২০১৭-০২-০৭
Local e-tender for supply of 45,300 kgs. Calcium Cloride Flake.
45300 kgs cal cloride (2).pdf


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